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Blue Nile was first a Sudanese/American music label and was created 1987 as a direct result of our love of music, in particular, the various forms of African music .  We believe the rich musical background of the African heritage and culture, with its many forms and styles, is ripe for expansion into musical markets all over the world.  Blue Nile Records' goal is to enrich the American music market and it's widely diverse cultures.  The various aspects of our business includes publishing, distribution, artist management, publicity of musical artists as well as the distribution of Sudanese .  Currently we are working on the release of multi-compilations titled The Golden Era of Sudanese Music Volume 1. currently on the market as of 2007 Email: or phone 520-551-9708   and we will also be releasing a compilation titled Artistic Treasure of Sudanese Music Volume I.

We currently have CD's available:  "Rhythms of Sudan Volume 1 & The Golden era of Sudanese music vol.1 2007. I", and "Mohamed Wardi Greatest Hits vol. 1 1998", with sample .mp3 files available for your listening pleasure.

Within this website, our visitors can explore the history of Sudanese music, view the various artists we represent and also contact us for representation.