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Although it is the largest nation in Africa with some of the oldest civilizations in the world, the music of Sudanese still remains largely unknown.  Of course we recognize names like Aster Aweke and Hamza El Din, from neighboring Ethiopia and Egypt, but the great musicians of Sudan are yet to be appreciated.

Rhythms of Sudan, Volume I is the first of its kind and features one of Sudan's talented contemporary artists- Ahmed Osman (Satoor).  This album is a great introduction into the world os Sudanese rhythms that will surely make your spirit smile.  The strength of the indigenous music holds this album together, and while the synthesized background textures and drum machine are sure to please the afropop fan in you, I am also eagerly awaiting a raw, ethnic release from Blue Nile.

Sudanese-American producer Mohamed Elomrabi calls this "Sudanese pop music" but I am struck by the album's jazz feel.  Either way, Rhythms of Sudan's contagious sounds will point our musical curiosity toward this fascinating culture.-Matthew Moon

copyright 1997


Sample the Rhythms of Sudan Volume 1

Sample 1

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From the Sudan the heart of the Blue Nile region comes one voice that has nourished the people with a sweet richness like no other...Mohammed Wardi.

He has accomplished what few can do in a lifetime.  Aside from selling 20 million copies over a 30 year career, Wardi has brought the African and Arab worlds together with the ancient and the modern.  His politically powerful lyrics have kept alive a dream of peace in a land wrought with civil and political unrest.  One of the most prophetic performances in history occurred during Wardi's legendary concert at an Itang refugee camp in Ethiopia.  Performing to 250,000 Sudanese refugees, he generated such enthusiam that all thoughts of despair and suffering vanished into the night

Known as "the golden voice of Sudan", Mohammed Wardi has been singing the signature sounds of the largest country in Africa since the age of five.  His use of Nubian lyrics has helped preserve a 7,000 year old tradition. while reaching out to millions through Arabic songs.  But his status as a living legend has not been without struggle.  Wardi spent many years in jail for his political lyrics and was forced to flee his homeland for the safety of Cairo, where he continues to sing out for peace and justice.

Blue Nile Records and Khalid O. Abdulrahman are proud to present Mohammed Wardi Greatest Hits, Volume I.  This exceptional recording captures the brightest sounds of Sudan's most popular singer.  His shimmering voice floats alongside a refreshing melange of African and Arabic modes.  Western styling and exciting improvisations.  Wardi is never afraid to let the music carry itself, allowing long instrumental interplays between a myriad of talented musicians who capture the allure of Arabic maqam and shine with the polish of true jazz masters.

This music is the very essence of the Nile.  It offers us a chance to pause and become refreshed, to smile, celebrate, and renew our spirits.  Listen, and drink in the sweet sounds of Mohammed Wardi.


Produced by:  Mohamed Elomrabi for Blue Nile Records and Khalid O. Abdulrahaman.

Mastered by:  Craig Schumacher at the Wavelab Studios in Tucson, Arizona.

Liner notes written and edited by:  Matthew Moon  c.1998.

Graphic design and layout by:  Patrick Day

Published in 1998 Blue Nile Publishing BMI

c. 1998 Blue Nile Records and Mohamed M Elomrabi & Khalid O. Abdulrahaman.


Listen to samples of the sounds of Mohammed Wardi:

Sample 1

Sample 2